Welcome to Silmaril Farm

Apple Blossoms

Pick your Own Apples HOURS: FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY 10-4 (PLEASE CALL AHEAD) (905)945-7963

We are a small family run farm that offers farm fresh products throughout the year. Owned and operated by Michelle Seaborn and Rick Stopps, we welcome you to the farm to pick up farm fresh eggs, artisanal chicken and in the fall to pick your own apples or enjoy some apple cider.

During the year we offer brown eggs from our free run chickens.  Chickens are fed a natural diet free of growth promotants, hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products.  Eggs are available in dozens or flats of 30 eggs.  Our artisanal chickens are raised with the same natural diet in large airy pens that allow lots of room to move, eat, drink, socialize and dust bathe.  Chickens are processed in provincially licensed abattoirs and air chilled.  You can taste the difference of an air chilled chicken; the meat has a different texture and it does not shrink like chicken that has been cooled in a water bath.  Chicken is available as whole birds or cut into skinless, boneless breasts, wings, legs or thighs and vacuum sealed to preserve quality and freshness.

In the fall our attention turns to apples.  We offer pick your own for our nine varieties of apples.  Bring your family or friends and spend some time outdoors choosing your apples.  We produce some old favourites like MacIntosh, Empire, Fuji, Red and Golden Delicious, Mutsu and Ida Red apples, and some newer varieties like Pink Lady and Honey Crisp. Our late maturing apples will last well into the winter and we will show you how to properly store your apples for maximum freshness. Freshly pressed, pasteurized apple cider is available from September right up to Christmas.

We recommend that you call ahead for dates, times and varieties throughout the harvest period which starts in September and runs through until the middle of November.  The pre-recorded message will be updated with daily picking conditions.  Call 1-905-945-7963