Chicken & Eggs

Silmaril Farm takes care to provide your family with high quality, nutritious meat products.  All of our animals are raised humanely with plenty of room for exercise, fresh air, high quality feeds and fresh water.  Our sheep and lambs are raised on pasture and hay, supplimented with whole corn.  Free choice salt is available and in the winter, a sweet mineral block is available to them.  Our chickens, both egg layers and meat birds are loose housed in the sheltered confines of our barn.  All of our poultry, which often includes turkeys (Thanksgiving)  as well as chickens, are fed a high quality feed that does not include growth promotants, feed additives, hormones or drugs.  This means that you can be sure that no residuals will show up in the meat products that your purchase from Silmaril Farm.  Our poultry is processed by a Provincially licensed processing plant and air chilled.  Air chilling means that the bird is not chilled in chlorinated water which can enter the meat during the cooling process.  Air chilling ensures that the meat is tasty, free of the residual taste of chlorine, as well as the meat being denser (no added water) and will cook faster (don’t have to cook out extra water).  Occasionally we will have a local butcher shop smoke some chickens.  Smoked chicken is a nice treat, served cold in salads and sandwiches, or warmed as part of a main meal.

Our meat products are vacuumed sealed for quality and freshness.  Freezer orders are available but require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to arrange with the processing plants.

Please call ahead to be sure of availability.  Silmaril Farm raises small numbers of chickens, ducks, turkeys, lambs and pork and there can be a seasonality to availability.  Please contact us by phone (905)945-7963) or email for product availability.



Farm Fresh Eggs                                           Daily, all year

Free Range Chicken                                      All year in small quantities

Free Range Turkey                                        Thanksgiving